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Welcome to Mobile Denture Repair

If you’re looking for a local denture repair service near me in the London & Essex area, it doesn’t get more local than the comfort of your own home. Our 24-hour mobile denture repair service can provide you with affordable, same day denture repair right on your doorstep.
Our qualified and experienced dental technicians will come to you for a friendly in-home consultation followed by efficient, expert repair in our fully equipped, mobile dental laboratory. So, if you have dropped and damaged your dentures then don’t worry, give us a call.

Emergency Denture Repair

We repair dentures and our mobile dental laboratory provides quick and convenient denture repair on your doorstep.

Same Day Service

Our same day denture repair service is the quickest way to a confident smile.


With specialist equipment and a wealth of experience, you can expect professional results from our qualified dental technicians.

Denture Repair

Most denture damage can be quickly repaired with the correct expert knowledge & equipment. If your denture is broken, cracked or fractured, or if you have chipped or lost a tooth, then we can help.

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Denture repair London

What We Offer Services

Whatever your denture needs, we will start with a friendly consultation and finish with a smile.
From denture fitting to denture relining and same day denture repair, we are committed to providing the same personal care and professional results. Qualified and experienced dental laboratory technician perform our specialist denture services, where we come to you at your home using our fully equipped mobile laboratory. Please note we are not an emergency dentist and do not provide dental implants.
Partial denture repair London

Partial Dentures

We are qualified in the construction and repair of partial dentures. Our skilled technicians can design and make bespoke, natural-looking partial dentures so you can feel like yourself again.

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Denture Relining

If your denture no longer fits correctly due to natural changes in your mouth, we can provide the tweaks with our denture relining service that gives you optimum comfort & restores denture stability.

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Flexible Dentures

If you’re looking for a denture that looks and feels more natural, then a flexible denture might be for you. We can make and fit flexible dentures that give an extra close and comfortable fit.

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About Our Mobile Dental Lab

Mobile denture repair London
Damaged dentures are common, and it can be embarrassing leaving home without them to get them fixed. But with our home broken denture repairs service using our mobile dental laboratory, you don’t have to, because we’ll come to you.
Whenever your denture breaks, you can call us 24 hours a day and get it repaired quickly. Most home London denture repairs will take about an hour to complete, so it really is the fastest solution for emergency denture repairs.

Why Choose Us

Our mobile dental lab services all areas in London, Greater London & around Essex, and is equipped with everything we need to repair cracked or fractured dentures while you wait in the comfort of your own home.

With our same day denture repair service, you can rely on us to get your smile back as soon as possible, so there is no need to waste time and effort with DIY denture repairs that won’t last.

Trained to the highest technical and clinical standards, and with over 45 years of experience in the dental industry, you can trust that you will receive top quality care from our friendly team.

With expertise in the construction of cosmetic and natural looking dentures, we can make and fit bespoke dentures that look great and comfortable to wear.

We know filling in forms can be off-putting and a headache, so we don’t ask you to fill any in. Our service is discrete.

If you live in London, in the Greater London area or in Essex, then we can bring our expertise to you at your home with our mobile dental lab.

Open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, including Christmas, New Year’s and all bank holidays. We provide a premium round-the-clock service for denture repair London & Essex, if your denture breaks.

If you have a special event to attend or you’re hoping to bring the brightness back to your smile, then why not try our clean and freshen up denture cleaning service.

Advice Leave repairs to an expert

Dentures can be easily damaged and being without them for any length of time can prove difficult. Therefore, you may be tempted to repair them yourselves, but our advice is to keep the pieces together and call us immediately. DIY denture repairs will be temporary or may cause irreparable damage to your denture that will be more costly to put right. Don’t use superglue as it will dissolve very quickly in the mouth. A repair by a qualified dental technician with the correct knowledge and equipment is a much more cost-effective and lasting solution.
Broken dentures

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