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Denture Reline Service

Dentures today are more comfortable, more natural looking, and more durable than ever, and if properly maintained, can last for several years. In time, denture wearers usually experience loose, uncomfortable, or ill-fitting replacement teeth.

It can happen for several reasons, such as:

  • Accidental damage or breakage
  • Daily wear and tear
  • Bone loss
  • Changes in the shape of your mouth

The good news? If you have loose dentures or if they don’t fit as well as they used to, relining and rebasing can solve these issues quickly and avoid a complete denture replacement.

Your new dentures will fit your mouth securely, as they are customised specifically for your gums. Your gum tissue will change over time, causing your dentures to become loose or ill-fitting. Relining your dentures professionally every 1-2 years will keep your replacement teeth feeling secure and ensure they function optimally.

Having a comfortable, well-fitting denture can make your eating and speaking more convenient.

Our experienced dental technician will adjust your dentures for the perfect fit and provide expert advice on caring for your dentures. We can perform denture relines on partial or complete dentures using our mobile dental lab in your home, so we come to you.

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Denture Adjustments and Relines

You will be pleased to hear that we provide soft and hard reline treatments as part of our same day home denture service in the London and Greater London area.

During a denture reline, the clinical dental technician will first trim the tissue side of your existing denture and apply a flexible putty material. Then they reposition the denture in your mouth to make an impression of the current shape of your gum tissue. This technique creates an accurate impression on the putty and adds new base material to your denture, enabling it to fit more securely.

The procedure involves:

    • Removing some plastic from your denture’s fitting surface
    • Placing a layer of soft impression material onto this trimmed area

Taking an accurate impression inside your mouth

  • Use this accurate impression to create a new hard or soft base


After tooth loss, gums begin to shrink back and change shape due to a process known as bone resorption. This is where the bone tissue in the jaw starts to break down and is absorbed back into the body. As the bone mass in your jaw recedes, your gum tissue will inevitably change shape.

If you’ve only just started wearing dentures, you may benefit from a reline after only a few months, as the tissue change is more rapid immediately after tooth loss. However, the shape of your gums will continue to change at a slower rate. Hence, a denture reline is recommended every two years or whenever you experience movement or discomfort from your dentures.

A soft reline uses a softer, more pliable material as the new lining on the denture. This is recommended for people struggling with sore spots due to the rigid acrylic material of their dentures. Soft relines can last for a year or two and are a more comfortable option.

Where a denture relining is a procedure used to resurface the tissue side of the denture, a denture rebase is the procedure for replacing most or all of the denture base material.

We offer a same day service where a dental technician will come to your home and reline your denture in our mobile dental lab, or you can visit us in our Forest Gate clinic and wait for your denture to be adjusted. We try to make the service as speedy as possible, so there are no forms to fill out, and the procedure should be completed within 1 hour.

Denture reline costs in the UK vary from place to place. For London, our denture relines service starts at £200. For more details and to get an accurate quote, please speak to our dental technician on 07957 719 377.

You can improve the fit of your dentures without having to replace them with new ones by having them relined. Since they will fit much more securely, you won’t have to worry about them falling out when speaking or eating. Besides extending the life of the dentures, relining also improves your oral hygiene, since food is less likely to get trapped under your dentures, which can happen if they are too loose.

The use of denture adhesive is no longer necessary in many cases.

You can go about five years between hard relines. A thin layer of the denture is shaved off. Dentures are then filled with putty and placed in your mouth, much like an impression. The mold will fit the exact shape of your ridge. A lab then works on the denture.

If the fit is done correctly, hard relines can be very comfortable. Unlike soft ones, they require longer to complete and are more expensive.

A hard reline will usually be used if your mouth is healthy and can support a new denture base.

Reline Cost
Get Dentures Relined Starting at £200

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