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Emergency Denture Repair Camden

If your dentures have been damaged and you need them repaired immediately, it can be traumatic. You don’t want to wait hours at the dentist’s office merely to be seen, then wait days for a repair. Worse, it can often take weeks to schedule an appointment with a local dentist.

Our friendly and professional 24-hour mobile denture repair service for people in the London Borough of Camden offers same-day emergency denture repairs, so you don’t have to wait long before getting back on track with your daily routine… In fact, you could enjoy a freshly repaired set of teeth by tonight if you call now!

We are one of the few denture care centres that offer professional, friendly and reliable mobile emergency denture services. So, if you have dropped and damaged your dentures, don’t worry; give us a call today!

We will come to you at your home or workplace with our fully equipped mobile dental laboratory. So If you’re in Camden and have broken dentures, don’t panic! We can help. We cover London and parts of Essex and Kent.

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Emergency Denture Repair service near me in Camden

If you live in or around Camden and need efficient Emergency Denture Repair near me, call us today! Our dental technician will come directly to your home or office, so that we can fix your broken dentures immediately, saving you time and money in the process…

Broken dentures are a common problem for many people. Unfortunately, finding an Emergency Denture Repair London and near me can be problematic, because most dentists don’t work on weekends or after hours. We set up a mobile dental laboratory to fix broken dentures, false teeth, and emergency denture replacement services to the Camden borough area 24 hours a day, including weekends. Our on-call clinical dental technician can ensure your dentures are comfortable to wear again using our mobile lab. Our friendly service includes repairing chips in artificial teeth, replacing missing teeth, and repairing cracks and fractures in the denture itself. Regardless of the issue with your partial denture or complete denture, contact us immediately for an in-depth consultation and expert advice. To schedule an appointment with our experienced team, call 07957 719 377 (7 Days a Week, 24 Hours a Day).

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We all know that dentures can break at any time, and cause pain to the roof of your mouth or sides. If you’re not able to chew properly, it will be hard for some people to eat their food, while others might even have issues speaking clearly, since air doesn’t come out easily when putting words together with what’s on our minds! Since we know how important it is to repair your dentures as quickly as possible, we set up our mobile dental lab to offer high-quality care, denture repair and denture replacement services to people in the Camden area 24 hours a day, including Saturday and Sunday.

Our mobile lab is like a dental clinic on wheels, and is equipped with everything our on-call clinical dental technician needs to repair your dentures. This is where dentures can be fitted to ensure they fit snugly again. These include repairing chips in artificial teeth, replacing missing upper or lower teeth, and repairing cracks and fractures in dentures themselves.

Let a professional do the work if you want your dentures repaired and last as long and be as comfortable. Denture technicians are specially trained professionals who will know exactly what’s needed for each patient, without the guesswork, using professional equipment. Do not try super glueing them – this type of adhesive quickly dissolves within our mouth due to its high alcohol content, which results from heating glycerin with an acid catalyst (sulphuric).

When dentures are used so frequently, they can last several years. However, it is not surprising when the teeth get damaged from a drop or general wear and tear, since most repairs will be necessary rather than replacements.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us before disposing of your broken denture. Denture repair technicians will always assess the damage and age of your denture before giving you honest advice on how to proceed.

Usually, a cracked denture can be repaired by bonding it back together, but a denture that has broken through the middle can pose a greater challenge. Although the denture can be repaired in many cases, its strength may be compromised.

However, if you have chipped, broken or lost a denture tooth, it can be repaired rather than replaced. A technician removes any broken teeth and replaces them with newly constructed ones that match the remaining teeth in the denture and any natural teeth.

Contact us as soon as possible for an in-depth consultation and expert advice regarding your partial or complete dentures, regardless of the damage or problem.

No! While dentists can offer denture repairs, most dentists won’t repair your broken dentures themselves, and often send them to a dental laboratory like us. In addition, finding space for an emergency appointment with a dentist is hard enough for root canal treatment, let alone a dental repair.

We provide unique dental emergency treatment services as our dental technicians come to you. We will repair your broken denture while you wait. No need to walk to a local dentist. Simply call us, and we will come to you as soon as possible.

Denture repair services can repair loose dentures. When you wear a loose-fitting denture for cost savings, you could increase your dentures and dental expenses as dentures can be damaged and deteriorate your oral health.

Relining dentures safely enhances retention, oral stability, and comfort. Denture relining takes between one and two hours, and patients receive their improved dentures the same day they bring them in.

Alternatively, a patient may request new dentures modelled on their damaged or loose previous pair. By offering patients the benefits of healthy-looking teeth and a beautiful smile, we do everything to ensure you receive your repaired dentures quickly.

From our base in Rainham, we’re just 59 minutes (18.0 mi) via A13 away from Camden borough! We provide emergency denture replacement and emergency denture repair near me in Belsize Park, Bloomsbury, Camden Town, Camden High Street Station, Camden Road, Chalk Farm, Covent Garden, Dartmouth Park, Fitzrovia, Fortune Green, Frognal, Gospel Oak, Hampstead, Haverstock, Highgate, Kentish Town, Kings Cross, Primrose Hill, St. Giles, St Pancras, Somers Town, South Hampstead, Swiss Cottage, Tufnell Park, West End of London, and West Hampstead.

Our mobile dental laboratory covers all of London, Greater London, parts of Essex and Kent. Therefore, we can repair your broken dentures from within our mobile repair van anywhere, even if you are near Camden High Street, Camden Place, Hatton Garden, King’s Cross railway station, London Zoo, Great Ormond Street Hospital, or visiting The British Museum.

As a well established family-run laboratory and denture provider, we provide a wide range of denture services, including denture cleaning, denture teeth whitening, denture reline service, new denture design, dental laboratory services and supplies, gold teeth on dentures and gold grills. Simply call or book an appointment.


Emergency Repair Cost
Depending On the Issue, Get Dentures Repaired Quickly Starting at £85

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