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Emergency Denture Repair Croydon

Broke your dentures in the London Borough of Croydon? Don’t panic! We can help.

Denture damage is an embarrassing problem, so don’t let damaged dentures ruin your day. For the most convenient experience possible, our fast-acting experts can come to your home in Croydon 24/7. This process takes no time at all, as our technicians can repair broken dentures on-site at your home or at work. You’ll be back enjoying life again before you know it!

Please take advantage of our fast and efficient emergency denture repair service for cracked or fractured dentures that need urgent attention. We cover Croydon London & Greater London.

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Emergency Denture Repair near me in Croydon

If you’re searching for Emergency Denture Repair near Croydon, then you’re in the right place. With our mobile denture repair unit, we come to you…

If your dentures break, we know how important it is to get them repaired as quickly as possible. Our mobile dental laboratory provides 24-hour denture replacement services, including weekends, to the Croydon borough area. Using our mobile lab, our on-call clinical dental technician can ensure your dentures are comfortable to wear again. The service includes repairing chips in artificial teeth, replacing missing teeth, and repairing cracks and fractures in the denture itself. To schedule an appointment, call 07957 719 377 (7 Days a Week, 24 Hours a Day).

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Any type of denture can break at any time, causing pain to your gums, the roof of your mouth or the sides of your mouth, as well as difficulties eating and speaking. Since we know how important it is to repair your dentures as quickly as possible, we set up our mobile dental lab to offer high-quality repair and denture replacement services to people in the South London area 24 hours a day, including Saturday and Sunday.

Our mobile lab is equipped with everything our on-call clinical dental technician needs to repair your dentures. This is where dentures can be fitted to ensure they fit snugly again. These include repairing chips in artificial teeth, replacing missing upper or lower teeth, and repairing cracks and fractures in dentures themselves.

Don’t try to fix a denture yourself using a repair kit.

Denture repair kits can be purchased at drugstores and online, and claim to fix almost any kind of damage. However, we would advise against using repair kits, as this is merely a common temporary fix until a professional repair can be performed. There is a reasonable chance you may damage your dentures or even your gums even more, so please let a professional fix your broken dentures.

If you do not have the correct knowledge and equipment, the repair will not be of the same quality as a professional repair, and it is unlikely to last. You also risk damaging the denture beyond repair. Do not use superglue either, as it dissolves quickly in the mouth.

Dental laboratories and dentists can sometimes repair cracked dentures. A warped denture will usually need to be remade. If you notice any cracks, warps, or breaks in your dentures, see a dental technician sooner rather than later.

Since dentures are so delicate and used so often, they can last for many years, but it’s not surprising when they get damaged. Occasionally a tooth may crack, chip, or snap, or may become too tight or too loose, no longer fitting snugly over the gum line. No matter what the cause of the damage is, a repair is often preferable to a new one.

If your dentures have broken, please contact us before discarding them. Denture repair technicians will always assess the damage and age of your denture before giving you honest advice on how to proceed.

Bonding can usually repair a cracked denture, but if the denture has been broken on its side, it can pose more of a challenge. It is possible to repair a denture, but the strength may be compromised.

The denture you had can be repaired if it was chipped, broken or lost. A technician removes any broken teeth and replaces them with newly constructed ones that match the remaining teeth in the denture, as well as any natural teeth.

You should contact us as soon as possible for an in-depth consultation and expert advice regarding your partial or complete dentures, regardless of their condition.

Not at all! Dentists can offer denture repairs, but most of them will not repair your broken dentures themselves and will send them to a dental lab. Additionally, it is hard enough to find a dentist who is available for an emergency appointment for root canal treatment, let alone a dental repair.

We offer unique emergency treatment services by sending dental technicians to your location. We can fix your broken denture while you wait. No need to visit the dentist. Please call us right away so we can schedule an appointment for you.

Even the best at-home remedies won’t permanently fix the problem. Consult either your dentist or ourselves about Removable Dentures that are Implant Supported. Removable Dentures, also called Overdentures, are stable and secure because they are anchored to your jawbone with dental implants.

A denture repair service can repair loose dentures. Wearing a loose-fitting denture for cost savings could increase costs, since dentures can be damaged and oral health can deteriorate.

Relining dentures safely and effectively improves retention, comfort, and stability. Denture relining typically takes between one and two hours, and patients receive their improved dentures the same day.

Alternatively, a patient may request new dentures modelled on their damaged or loose previous pair. By offering patients the benefits of healthy-looking teeth and a beautiful smile, we do everything to ensure you receive your repaired dentures quickly.

From our base in Rainham, we’re just 1 hr (29.6 mi) via M25 away from Croydon! We provide emergency denture replacement and emergency denture repair near me in Addington, Addiscombe, Ashburton, Beddington, Broad Green, Coombe, Coulsdon, Croydon, Crystal Palace, Forestdale, Hamsey Green, Tandridge District, Kenley, Monks Orchard, New Addington, Norbury, Norwood New Town, Old Coulsdon, Pollards Hill, Purley, Purley Oaks, Roundshaw, Sanderstead, Selhurst, Selsdon, Shirley, South Croydon, South Norwood, Thornton Heath, Upper Norwood, Upper Shirley, Waddon, Woodcote, Woodside, and Whyteleafe.

Our mobile dental laboratory covers all of South London, London, Greater London, Essex and parts of Kent. Therefore, we can repair your broken dentures from within our mobile repair van anywhere, whether you are on route to Selhurst Park Stadium to watch Crystal Palace play, soaking up history on a day out at Croydon Palace, slipped and damaged your dentures on the ice at Stratham Ice and Leisure Centre, or ready to play a few holes at either Purley Down Golf Club, or at the lovely The Addingdon Golf Club.

We provide denture cleaning, denture teeth whitening, denture reline service, new denture design, dental laboratory services and supplies, gold teeth on dentures and gold grills. Simply call or book an appointment.

Where to Get Dentures Fixed. Getting dentures fixed in a reputable laboratory is the best option. If your dental practice does not have a lab on site, it will send your false teeth away to be repaired. Local labs can sometimes repair dentures on the spot.

This is where our service is completely unique. For people in London, Greater London, Essex and parts of Kent, we come to you with our mobile denture lab. We can fix almost all broken dentures while you wait.


Emergency Repair Cost
Depending On the Issue, Get Dentures Repaired Quickly Starting at £85

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