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Broken Dentures

Broken dentures
Denture repair advice

Advice for Broken Dentures

Even if you take excellent care of your dentures, they can still become damaged. The fragile nature of the materials, combined with the wear and tear of everyday use, makes them susceptible to damage.  There are many ways that a denture can be damaged. With frequent handling, there is a high risk of dropping your denture onto a hard surface. With all that chewing, talking, and even temperature changes, a denture is under constant strain.

The most common cause of denture damage is the drop. If your denture falls onto a hard surface, such as the sink or tiled floor, it can crack or break the denture plate, chip or break an artificial tooth, bend or snap a part of the metal frame or clasps. As dentures are handled so frequently for cleaning, it’s likely they will slip out of your hands at some point.


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How to minimise breakages

Always handle your dentures with care, but as a precaution, lay a folded towel down or half fill the sink with water before you remove your dentures. This provides a soft landing if you drop them. But if your denture does drop and break, don’t worry, as it’s likely it can be repaired, and that’s where we come in.

What to do if your dentures are damaged

If your denture has broken into two or more pieces, gather the pieces together and keep them safe, as this will increase the likelihood that your dentures can be repaired. Then call us on 07957 719 377 or complete our online enquiry form to use our emergency denture repair service. Our qualified dental technicians can perform professional denture repairs to full or partial dentures to get them looking and feeling like new again.

Further Advice & Answers

Depending on the damage, a broken denture plate can be repaired by bonding the plate back together with more acrylic material. In the case of a chipped or broken artificial tooth, the technician will remove the damaged tooth and replace it with a new one that is colour matched to the existing teeth in your denture.

Most repairs are usually completed within one hour, depending on the damage. We offer a same day service where a dental technician will come to your home and repair your denture in our mobile dental lab, or you can visit us in our clinic and wait for your denture to be fixed.

It is not recommended to attempt a temporary fix at home, although there are home repair kits available and suggestions for home fixes online, our expert’s advice against it. The repair will not be the same standard as a professional repair, and you risk further damage to the denture and your mouth. Do not use superglue or other household adhesives, because not only are they toxic, but they dissolve too quickly in the mouth to be of any use.

After tooth loss, gums begin to shrink back and change shape due to a process known as bone resorption. This is where the bone tissue in the jaw starts to break down and is absorbed back into the body. As the bone mass in your jaw recedes, your gum tissue will inevitably change shape. This can lead to ill-fitting dentures that slide around and irritate your gums. If this is the case, you may need your dentures relined.

During a denture reline, the clinical dental technician will first trim the tissue side of your existing denture and apply a flexible putty material. Then they reposition the denture in your mouth to make an impression of the current shape of your gum tissue. This technique creates an accurate impression on the putty and is used to add new base material to your denture, which enables it to fit more securely.


Repair Cost
People in or around London, Get Broken Dentures Repaired Starting at £85

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