Replacement Dentures

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Could it be time for replacement dentures?

With the correct care, you can keep your dentures looking and feeling good for longer, but there will come a time when even the most cared for dentures will need to be replaced. Dentists recommended getting new dentures every 5-8 years. When exactly they will need replacing will depend on the level of wear and tear, how often the dentures have been repaired and the natural changes that have occurred in your mouth.

It is common for dentures to become lose every couple of years, but depending on the age and state of your dentures, this doesn’t necessarily mean a replacement, it could be that a denture reline or a denture adjustment could rectify the problem and get your dentures fitting nice and snug once more.

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Adjusting to replacement dentures

If the time has come for a replacement, then this is an excellent opportunity to address any problems you may be having with your existing dentures, talk them through with an expert and consider alternative options available to you. There are many types of dentures and denture implants available, and a lot can change in 5-8 years. So it may be time to try something better suited to your current situation.

Even if you get the same type of denture again, you may find that they feel strange at first. Your mouth and your new dentures need to get to know each other! However, as a seasoned denture wearer, you will appreciate that will a little time and patience, the long-term benefits are worth a little short-term inconvenience. It’s probably been a long time since you first received your last dentures though, so to remind yourself of what you can expect, have a look at our New Dentures Advice page.

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Further Advice & Answers

If you had a good care routine before then keep up the excellent work to ensure you get the most out of your replacement dentures and to maintain optimum oral health. Remember that dentures need daily brushing, rinsing and soaking to remove plaque and any bits of food that are trapped in the denture. To brush up on how to best care for your replacement dentures, read our Denture Care Advice page.

Always handle your dentures with care, but as a precaution, lay a folded towel down or half fill the sink with water before you remove your dentures. This provides a soft landing in case you do drop them. But if your denture does drop and break, don’t worry as it’s very likely it can be repaired, and that’s where we come in. You can give us a call anytime on 07957 719 377 to make an appointment for denture repairs.

Just like the first time, a little practice and patience will help you get your speech and eating back to normal.  Try practising any troublesome words when you’re alone. You can read and sing aloud to get as much practice as possible. When it comes to eating, start with soft foods and cut your food into small pieces. After a while, you can gradually move on to harder and more difficult to chew foods to get back to enjoying the food you love.


Repair Cost
People in or around London, Get Dentures Repaired Starting at £85

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