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Flexible Dentures

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Flexible Dentures

If you’re new to dentures or looking for an alternative to regular acrylic dentures or fixed dental implants, then you may wish to consider a flexible denture. A flexible denture is a type of partial denture, and like removable partials, they are designed to replace just one or a few missing teeth. The flexible denture base is constructed from a thinner, more flexible material that sits tightly against your gums. This type of denture is so natural looking and can prove to be a much more comfortable option.

At Mobile Denture Repair, we can custom-fit and construct high-quality, flexible dentures. If you are considering a new or replacement dentures, we can arrange an in-depth consultation to discuss if a flexible denture is the right option for you. So give us a call now on 07957 719 377 or complete our online form to make an appointment. Our phone line is open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

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Flexible dentures designed for you in the comfort of your own home.

For patients who live in the London, Greater London and Essex areas, we can even take our expertise to your door and design and make bespoke flexible dentures in our mobile dental lab, where our clinical dental technician will provide expert advice and help you find the most comfortable fit for you.

Questions & Answers

Flexible partial dentures and Valplast, flexible partial dentures differ from the regular, more rigid unlike the traditional dentures, or acrylic partial dentures are made from an ultra-thin and flexible thermoplastic material, such as nylon. A nylon base denture is unlikely to trigger allergies. Acrylic dentures often require metal clasps to secure them in the mouth.

The moulded thermostatic material naturally sticks to the gum tissue and holds it in place alongside existing teeth without the need for metal clasps or adhesive. The flexibility of the material means it stays securely in place even when chewing and talking.

Flexible dentures boast many benefits, with comfort top of the list for many flexible denture wearers. The thermoplastic material of the base is softer and more flexible, which is super durable and gives it a firm grip on your gums. This means it won’t rub and irritate the gum tissue like some dentures can and leaves your gums free of sores. Also, the material is matched to your natural gum colour, and without unsightly metal clasps, the coloured gum denture is virtually invisible. All these benefits enable the wearer to feel much more confident, comfortable and happy. One brand even offers a lifetime guarantee!

Flexible dentures have the disadvantage of being more prone to breakage when dropped, but patients should clean them carefully. A flexible base is more susceptible to bacteria build-up than a rigid base. Dentures should be removed every day and brushed with a toothbrush and warm water to keep them fresh.

Each day ensures you remove and gently clean your flexible partial denture, as well as cleaning your remaining natural teeth and gums twice a day for good oral health and to reduce the risk of gum disease. Flexible dentures are more susceptible to bacterial build-up, so they require a careful yet thorough clean all over with a toothbrush and warm water. You can also use a denture cleaning solution, but do not use toothpaste, as it is too abrasive.

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