Partial Dentures

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Partial Denture Repair

All types of dentures have a significant beneficial impact on the daily life of the wearer, yet the fragile nature of dentures means they are all susceptible to damage, that’s why our denture repair service extends to partial dentures as well as complete dentures.

We understand that going without your partial denture for any length of time can be difficult. Therefore getting a professional repair as soon as possible is a top concern. With our emergency denture repair service, our experts are on hand to help.

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Denture Problems

Partial denture damage is commonly caused by dropping the denture onto a hard surface during handling and cleaning. The drop can crack or break the denture plate, chip or break an artificial tooth, or bend or snap a part of the metal frame or clasps. Partial dentures undergo a lot of strain during daily use and can be damaged through wear and tear too, and this can lead to a poor fit. To discuss any problem you may have with your partial denture and to make an appointment, give us a call anytime on 07957 719 377 Or you can complete our online form to receive a callback.

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The fastest path to a professional fix

At Mobile Denture Repair we provide a confidential, same day service for partial denture repairs. Our well equipped, mobile denture repair lab is the easiest way to get your dentures repaired. An experienced dental technician will come to your home and expertly fix your denture without you even needing to go anywhere. If you live in London or the Greater London area, then you are eligible for our same day, home repair service.

Question & Answers

A crack in the acrylic material of the denture plate can be bonded back together. More acrylic material can be applied to bond cracks to reinforce the plate. If the plate is completely broken, it may be possible to bond it back together depending on the break. Although the strength of the repaired denture will be compromised. In the case of a chipped or broken artificial tooth, the technician will remove the damaged tooth and replace it with a new one that is colour matched to the existing teeth in your denture.

Partial dentures usually incorporate metal clasps to hold the denture securely in place. The metal clasps and the metal framework of the denture can be damaged too, but can generally be repaired by a dental technical with specialist equipment.

Even if you have most of your natural teeth, any gaps in your teeth can still cause problems with eating, speech and confidence. That’s where a partial denture comes in. A partial denture is designed to fit neatly within your oral cavity and replace just 1 missing tooth or a few missing teeth, helping you to regain the appearance and functionality of a full set of teeth. A partial denture is usually held in place by metal clasps, whereas complete dentures fit closely to your gums and replace all of your upper or lower teeth.

We offer a same day service where a dental technician will come to your home and repair your denture in our mobile dental lab, or you can visit us in our Forest Gate clinic and wait for your denture to be fixed. We try to make the service as speedy as possible, so there are no forms to fill out, and the actual repair could be complete within 1 hour, depending on the damage.

Remove, rinse and gently clean the partial denture each day with a specialist denture cleaning brush or a regular, soft-bristled toothbrush. And ensure you keep up a good oral hygiene routine to maintain healthy teeth, gums and bone.  To minimise the risk of damage to your denture from a drop, place a folded towel down before removing and handling the denture. Otherwise, you can clean your denture over a sink filled with water. For more expert advice information taker a look at our denture care advice page.

Don’t be tempted to fix a partial denture yourself. Unless you have the correct knowledge and equipment, the repair will not be the same standard as a professional repair and will just leave you with poorly fitting temporary dentures. You also run the risk of damaging the denture beyond repair. Do not use superglue either as it dissolves very quickly in the mouth.


Repair Cost
Depending On the Issue, Get Dentures Repaired Starting at £85

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